More than a meal

Unwind with meals in unusual surroundings made with organic ingredients and delectable aromas.

Ingredients at the table are locally grown and produced. Meals with seasonality and climate in a surprising experience.  Enjoy every moment and every taste of a frugal gastronomy, where the refinement is in simplicity.

Organic Production


Organic fruits and vegetables. Cheese and yogurt produced with milk directly from the farm. Our ingredients are from our land or from local producers, and are always carefully selected.


Long mornings enjoying nature and the tranquility of the countryside. A meal without worrying about time and full of delicious surprises that arrive at the table according to your desire. Homemade jellies, freshly baked cakes, and the fragrant aroma of bold coffee are just the beginning of what awaits you.

Lunch and Dinner

New and surprising gastronomic experiences await you in the main house, in the garden, or in another space of the farm. All with attention to detail and exhibiting the simplicity of food in its maximum expression.

Meet the Fazenda Santa Vitória

João Batista Melo Souza Highway, km 5 – Queluz, SP – Zip Code: 12800-000
(55) 12 3147-1563
(55) 12 99784-2568